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We would like to thank each and every one of our tenants & employees for doing their part as we attempt to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia and our community. 

Your Safety

·        Closed all amenity spaces

·        Limit elevator use to 1 person at a time unless co-habitants

·        One-way Stairwells

·        Enhanced high-touch surface cleaning

·        Provided printed material for hand washing

·        Installed and purchased additional cleaning and sanitizing products


Our Tenants

·        Waived 1% Late Fees on rent

·        All deliveries received in lobbies, not to units

·        Suspended viewings of available units

·        Regular communication with tenants

·        Access to Businesses that are open

·        Complementary services with communications provider

·        Shared list of Covid 19-Economic response package

·        Common Laundry Facilities are free


Our Employees

·        Communication through via video call or phone

·        Head office and Building offices are closed to in person visits

·        Developed remote work protocols, role dependent

·        Courier services